Pure Black German Shepherds of Hartland - Come to the Dark Side...
Aayla and Storm winter 2017       We are happy to announce Aayla had her spring 2017 litter. All healthy and strong. Her litter is Sold Out. We can't wait for Jaina to start her 2017 season. Her litter is also Sold Out. This year we plan to have some colorful litters  also. Planning to breed Storm with some pure bred Black and tan girls. Their will be very dark colors in those litters. If you would like to get on the waiting list please call.
All three of Jaina's girls taken 9/15/2016Jaina's first litter taken 9/15/2016We hope you can find everything you need at Pure Black German Shepherds.com  We are focused on providing high quality pure black  A.K.C. registered dogs . We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.   Look around our website be sure to see all the pages and if you have any comments or questions about our German Shepherds, please feel free to contact us.                                                     We will have more puppies in the future! Add us to your favorites list and check back often for new updates to our website. There's much more to come at PureBlackGermanShepherds. com

This is Leo one one Storms Boys. Photo Credit Wetiko / Kyle DanleyLeo Storms Boy.Storm and Aayla late Dec. 2015Hartland'sOur new girl Jaina 4/26/2015 we expect her to produce beautiful solid blacks next year!Hartlands Mara Jade on her second birthday July 4th 2014Storm walking with Bella 2012Storm and the gang running and having fun.
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